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Customers deserve to understand fair market pricing. Fewer liaisons equal fewer markups. Our simplified channel delivers consistency and low prices. Purchase online for substantial savings.

Since we design and engineer our products in-house, we have the best product knowledge allowing us to provide excellent customer service and technical support.

Customer feedback drives our product innovation. With over 20 years of experience, we engineer high-quality diesel exhaust fluid and diesel fuel storage and dispensing systems. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

BENECOR strives to maintain inventory levels of our best selling products that way you have reduced downtime. We ship all of our products directly from our 20,000 sq. ft. based factory.

Get the highest quality products with the industry’s best warranty that way you know your true end-to-end cost up front and are never left with a product that doesn’t work properly. Your business cannot afford to gamble on low quality products or vendors whom may not deliver for the long haul.


BENECOR is the industry leader is diesel exhaust fluid and diesel fuel storage and dispensing equipment. We design, manufacture and ship directly from our 20,000 sq. ft. facility located in Fenton, Michigan. We understand that every customer is unique, so we offer the ability to customize each product to fit your needs.

In 2020, we rebranded to BENECOR Direct in an effort to provide transparency and best-in-market pricing to resellers and end users. We handle sales, marketing, customer and technical service and manufacturing in-house.

BENECOR is recognized as one of “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch”, an awards program sponsored by the Edward Lowe Foundation and presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business.


Protect your investment with our high-quality products, industry’s best warranties and ongoing technical support.

  • High-Quality Systems – Our systems are custom engineered with the highest quality components to perfectly suit your needs. Our units are field proven in the harshest environments and offer lowest overall installation costs to customers.
  • Top Notch Installation – Our products are plug-n-play and do not require extensive field work for installation. All electrical systems are integrated in the units with UL & CUL control panels with single point of power elements. Our system components are designed with clear interface for integration with known local supplied elements.
  • Industry Best Dispensing Systems – Our units are designed to handle the duty cycle required from application. Many units are made from fiberglass materials that will weather well and provide years of service, even in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Most Reliable Tanks – Our tanks are custom outfitted in our workshop and pressure tested before shipment. All pipework is welded with minimum threaded fittings ensuring low risk of leakage or failure during its service life.


Dispensing and storage systems are BENECOR’s singular focus. It’s what we do. It’s what we know. It’s our passion. Even as our company has grown, our flexible, entrepreneurial spirit remains.We continually push ourselves to develop and test new technologies. In fact, that is why many DEF and fuel industry committees and associations seek BENECOR’s input. as an industry thought leader.

We were the first to offer advanced DEF dispensing and storage solutions including:

  • Advanced DEF dispensing and storage solutions
  • Pumps with auto shut-off timers
  • Pumps with more powerful flow rates

We are driven to stay at the forefront of our rapidly changing industry and offer our customers products that suit that specific needs.


We are looking for traditional and alternative networks including resellers, service and installation organizations such as electricians, fuel jobbers and more to represent our product lines. Our resellers must share themes of transparency and commitment to provide quality products at low prices.

The BENECOR Direct Network Delivers:

  • Price Transparency
  • Product Knowledge Experts and Ongoing Customer and Technical Support
  • Product Application Flexibility Across Multiple Industries
  • In-Stock & Ready to Ship Inventory on our Most Popular Products
  • Brand Recognition

We offer exclusive pricing to our resellers and keep our online and call-in pricing consistent to ensure that resellers can be profitable and competitive in the marketplace. Contact us at 1-844-BENECOR to see if your organization qualifies for discounted pricing.

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