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5 Advantages of Containerized Bulk Diesel Fuel Storage

Learn More About FuelTainer Versatile Diesel Tanks

BENECOR FuelTainer Versatile Diesel Fuel Tanks range from 3,128 gallon to 18,234 gallon storage capacity and provide a flexible and innovative design making it the go-to bulk fuel storage solution for industry leaders across the globe. It is at home providing bulk fuel storage and transfer solutions, for various sectors and applications including the generator rental industry, construction, military and mining.

Large Stationary Bulk Refueling

FuelTainer Versatile Fuel Tanks are designed for stationary use on large scale refueling applications for the safe and secure transportation and storage of various industrial and hazardous liquids worldwide.

Unique Design Standard

Our units are guaranteed 110% bunded and come with CSC, ISO, UL and ULC certifications. To support easy cleaning and maintenance, the option of a completely removable inner tank is available.

Portable Diesel Tank

The secure lock down and twist features ensure that the diesel storage tank fits securely and safely onto large road trucks and shipping vessels making it suitable for easy worldwide deployment.

Safety & Security

All transportable diesel tanks are shipping container styled tanks, which incorporate heavy duty lockable door handles and a twist and lock device to ensure it is securely fastened during both short and long distance travel (empty shipping only).

Dispensing & Accessibility

Our FuelTainer ISO CSC 110% bunded container tank range is extremely adaptable and dynamic. The tank can be customized with up to five flow and return steel pipes, which can accommodate the same number of diesel generators at one time. It can also be equipped with a contemporary fuel management system, acting as an independent fueling station when required.

Diesel Fuel Tank Features & Benefits

  • Safe & Easy Handling – Forklift pockets, internal baffle plates and standard ISO corners
  • Extra Strong – Robust steel in steel construction
  • Safe Container Design – CSC Plated – made with convention for safe container standard
  • Customizable – Provisions for pumps and bund alarm as well as feed and return connections for up to 5 generators
  • Meets Global Environmental Regulations – 110% secondary containment capacity meets requirements for fuel storage
  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning – Inner tank can be accessed using the manhole for maintenance and cleaning
  • Space Efficient Design – Easily stacked 6 high when full using corner twist locks
  • Fuel Tank Fittings – The tank includes 3″ fill with level ball valve, 4 x 1″ fill ports, 4 x 1″ port for return lines with valves, 1 x 1.5″ ports for drain and 2 x letterbox for hose feed
  • Lockable Design – Comes complete with a secure lockable compartment

About Us

BENECOR is your industry’s trusted expert for superior DEF and fuel dispensing and storage solutions. We serve businesses in the agriculture, compressor, forestry, marine, mining, off-highway, on-highway, prime power, rail and stationary power sectors. We provide completely customizable DEF storage and dispensing options in sizes ranging from 20-20,000 gallons as well as DEF pumps and accessories. We offer factory direct pricing where you receive high quality products without having to pay top dollar. Whatever your DEF needs, we are here to assist you. Contact us at 1-844-BENECOR or email us at info@benecor.com for more information.

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