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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Expert Advice on DEF, Selective Catalytic Reduction and DEF Storage

What is DEF?

Diesel exhaust fluid, more commonly referred to as DEF, is a non-toxic mixture of purified water and urea used to help improve your diesel equipment’s performance and fuel-efficiency while also reducing emissions. DEF freezes at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to store DEF properly to ensure it keeps its purity to carry out its intended purpose.

Why is Diesel Exhaust Fluid Important?

Due to standards put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in January 2010, all heavy-duty diesel truck engines are required to significantly reduce emissions. To combat diesel emissions, a process known as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) was established. SCR is a technological system focused on controlling emissions. During this process, DEF sparks a chemical reaction that transforms nitrous oxide into nitrogen, water and small amounts of carbon dioxide. SCR is a cost-effective and fuel-efficient option to reduce diesel emissions. Diesel exhaust fluid is an integral part of selective catalytic reduction and must always be present in order to guarantee efficient operation of your diesel vehicle.

What Industries Use Selective Catalytic Reduction and DEF?

SCR technology and DEF are staples for companies that utilize diesel vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. Companies that benefit from these products include the commercial trucking industry, construction, heavy-duty agriculture equipment, marine vessels, forestry, mining, rail, stationary power, prime power and the compressor industry. Diesel exhaust fluid is also a necessity for emergency diesel power during hurricanes, floods and other weather-related emergencies.

How Long Does DEF Last?

An important aspect of DEF is that it needs to be replenished on a regular basis. Consumption rates are determined by your vehicle operation techniques. For instance, light-duty engines require a new input around the standard time for an oil change. If your engine is being used at high speeds or for heavy loads, your consumption will increase exponentially. As for heavy-duty equipment, your consumption is based off of a variety of factors including miles driven, hours utilized, load size and additional factors.

How to Store Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

DEF storage can take many forms. Your above-ground storage options include bulk tanks, mini-bulk dispensing and storage systems, transportable cubes, truck tanks, barrels, totes and more.

An important factor to consider when using and purchasing DEF storage is that the solution freezes at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. This poses an issue for companies and industries that reside in cold weather climates. To protect against harsh weather conditions, BENECOR products are customizable to fit your specific climate. Our DEF bulk storage containers can be custom-fitted to include heating and insulation.

With BENECOR, you can protect your equipment and your DEF investment.

BENECOR is your industry’s trusted expert for superior DEF dispensing and storage solutions. To learn more about diesel exhaust fluid storage or to purchase one of our DEF products, contact us at or 1-844-BENECOR.