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6 Reasons Why Companies Are Switching to DEF Cubes

Climate Customizations, Durability, Genset Connections & More

Many companies have swapped their traditional DEF bulk storage and dispensing systems for transportable DEF Cubes. This new solution withstands the rigors of harsh weather conditions, is durable, customizable and stackable, and pairs directly with a variety of genset and engine interfaces. Below are 6 reasons why companies are switching to DEF Cubes.

  1. DEF Freeze Protection

Since diesel exhaust fluid freezes at 12°F, storing and handling DEF in harsh climate conditions proves to be very challenging especially for businesses that operate in subzero temperatures. DEF Cubes are designed to meet the most extreme climate conditions for proper safe storage of diesel exhaust fluid without freezing.

BENECOR DEF Cubes Offer Three Warm or Cold Weather Customizations:

  • Standard Warm Weather DEF Cubes operate at temperatures above 32°F
  • Cold Weather Kit comes with freeze protection down to 0°F / -17°C
  • Extreme Cold Weather Kit offers freeze protection down to -40°F / -40°C
  1. Durable Bulk Storage 

Traditional round DEF bulk tanks lack durability and can result in a damaged tank or loss of diesel exhaust fluid. DEF Cubes are engineered with powder coated steel to ensure years of trouble-free use and withstand the harshest working conditions of our customers. In addition, our units are designed with 110% secondary containment capacity. This means that if the lid or outer shell of your DEF Cube gets damaged, you can simply replace the respective parts without any damage to your internal fuel tank. The secondary containment helps to protect from DEF leaks and loss of your investment.

  1. Economical DEF Transportation & Handling

Unlike most traditional tanks, DEF Cubes can be stacked 2 high when full and 3 high when empty allowing for economical transportation. Our units feature bi-directional forklift plates, galvanized hatch plates, stacking corners and lifting eyes to allow for safe and easy handling.

  1. DEF Pump & Accessory Kit Customizations

DEF Cubes can easily be customized to fit your company’s exact needs. DEF Cubes are available in 100 and 250 gallon sizes. The standard unit features a poly tank; however, customers have the option of selecting a stainless steel internal tank. In additional to warm and cold weather kit customizations, you have the option to select DEF pump kits that include a DEF 12 volt pump, power connections, DEF hose, automatic nozzles and more.

  1. Easy DEF Tank Maintenance & Cleaning

Our units feature a completely removable inner poly tank for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is important to inspect your DEF Cube on a regular basis for leaks or spills to protect against any contamination. Contaminated DEF can result in reduced quality and shelf life and can causes issues with your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.

  1. Available Genset Connections for DEF Cubes

DEF Cubes pair with gensets to provide prime, standby and emergency power. Customers have the option to customize their DEF Cube to connect with a variety of genset interfaces including Caterpillar and Cummins. If your company uses another engine interface, contact us for additional customizations.

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