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How To Produce Your Own Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Product Spotlight: Benecor Inline Blending and Dissolving System


Benecor offers the latest, most advanced inline blending and dissolving technology to produce the highest quality of diesel exhaust fluid.

Engineered for Customization

The Benecor Inline Blending Systems allow you to product DEF solution with concentrations up to 50%. 1.050, 2.375 and 4.750 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid can be produced per hour.

Heat Plate Exchanger

To reach high temperature of demineralized water, the Benecor Inline Blending Systems contain a heat plate exchanger in order to reach required temperature for inline blending (at least 86°F / 30°C). The user needs to supply hot water or steam to the heat plate exchanger to make it function.

DEF Debagging Unit

Hopper with capacity of 70.6 ft3, 141.3 ft3 or 247.2 ft3 (2m3, 4m3 or 7m3) contains minimum loading sensors and alarm. Hopper has build in top grid which serves as sieve with mesh size 0.39in x 0.39in (10mm x 10mm). Urea crusher (lump breaker) can be integrated in the hopper.

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are fully integrated in the functionality of the Benecor Inline Blending Systems.


The total diesel exhaust fluid system fits in only one 40ft container (without water and DEF storage tanks).

Double Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Can produce 264.1G/h, 528.3G/h or 1320.8G/h (1m3/h, 2m3/h or 5m3/h) of demineralized water depending on the size of the machine.

Reduced Operator Involvement

  • Inline refractometer provides constant monitoring of the diesel exhaust fluid concentration
  • DRO WTS is easy to operate 24/7 – no supervision required
  • Siemens PLC allows to supervise and administrate at distance, the production of DEF and functionality of the machine

Standards and Approvals

  • Made with ISO 22241 compatible materials using the most reliable equipment
  • DRO WTS meets ISO 22241 standard water requirements

DEF System Features

  • Integrated Heat Plate Exchanger
  • Integrated Working Platform & Bag Opener
  • Online Monitoring & Remote Assistance
  • Siemens PLC Technology
  • Double Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System (DRO WTS)
  • All Blending Parts Made of Stainless Steel
  • Inline Refractometer for Constant Monitoring & Auto-Regulation
  • Capability to Dilute Concentrated Liquid Urea
  • SKID Platform with Forklift Holes Allows Easy Unloading
  • All Materials Meet ISO 22241 Standards for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Standards and Approvals

  • Blend Any Desired Concentration Up to 50%
  • Blends 32.5% Solution at Low Temperature (86°F / 30°C)
  • Stainless Steel Hopper of 141.2ft3 and 247.2 ft3 (4m3 and 7m3)
  • Small Skid Footprint 16.4ft x 6.56ft (5m x 2m x 2m)
  • Total Benecor Inline Blending Systems fit in only one 40ft container (without water and DEF storage tanks)
  • Total Weight Under 6,614lbs (3,000kg)

Optional Features Include

  • Three Blending Capacities: 1.050G/h, 2.375G/h and 4.750G/h (4,000L/h, 9,000L/h and 18,000L/h)

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