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New Solution to Bulk Fill Diesel Exhaust Fluid

3 Reasons to Try BENECOR DEF FillFast System

BENECOR is proud to be the first to introduce a technologically advanced way to bulk fill diesel exhaust fluid at up to 80 gallons per minute. Designed, engineered and manufactured by BENECOR, the FillFast System features a faster fill rate, is easier to install, and provides better performance and reliability than alternative systems in the market. Learn more about the benefits of switched to BENECOR DEF FillFast System.

Faster Diesel Exhaust Fluid Fill Rates

With our system, you can fill your DEF storage tank at up to 80 gallons per minute, while the standard system on the market has a maximum fill rate of 35 gallons per minute. Our system offers high capacity fill venting and integrates with the current 2” Cam Interface.

Easy to Install and Connect to Your DEF Tank

Connecting to multiple DEF totes is fast and simple with zero in-plant packaging, assembly or advanced training necessary. The system offers a fill interface cam coupler with or without a built-in ball valve. The 360° full swivel ¾” hose barb allows for easy connection to the bottom cam.

Better System Performance & Reliability

When using BENECOR Diesel Exhaust Fluid FillFast System, you will have no filling and extracting down-tube issues. The built-in check valve ensures that your DEF pump is constantly primed, while the built-in filter keeps all contaminants out of your fluid. Our system comes with a unique true tamper evident security seal.

How It Works

Intake Cycle (Inhalation)

  1. The filter breaths in air containing moisture vapor.
  2. The FillFast Breather strips moisture and particulate from the incoming air and allows only clean, dry air to enter the DEF tote / IBC.

Outflow Cycle (Exhalation)

  1. During the exhalation cycle, the FillFast breather, in conjunction with the dual vent, allows unrestricted airflow outward.
  2. The outflow of dry air picks up the moisture collected by the FillFast breather during intake and blows it back out, fully regenerating the breather’s water-holding capacity.

Product Features

Breather Filter

3 Micron at 97% – The breather filter features no recontamination and provides fast-acting protection against airborne moisture and particulate contamination. Moisture and particulates are prevented from entering and are pumped out with each fill cycle.

Top Feed Assembly

The top feed assembly features 80 gallon per minute flow rate, duel vent lid, high capacity fill venting and built-in filter that keeps all contaminants out.

Security Seal

On every FillFast unit, we include a unique serialized true tamper evident security seal that is pull tight and adjustable.

Bottom Feed Assembly & Check Valve

Our system is equipped with a 2” female cam lock that connects to standard industry bottom butterfly valve, in addition to, a built-in check valve to ensure pump stays primed with DEF. Connecting to multiple DEF totes is fast and simple due to a full swivel ¾” hose barb that easily connects to the bottom cam.

Ball Valve & Cam Coupler Options

BENECOR offers multiple options in polypropylene glass filled and stainless steel fill connections.

Special Adapter

We offer a custom interface that allows for integration with competitor’s products without a down tube; however, there is a fill limitation of 25 gallons per minute when using competitor’s products.

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