Benecor DEF Pairs with Cummins Gensets

Today’s mobile generator operators are required to use power systems that comply with the EPA’s Tier 4 Final Emissions Regulations. Because these systems use diesel exhaust fluid to achieve certification, many operators are questioning what impacts DEF will have on day-to-day operations.

1. Will DEF lead to complex setup and handling procedures?

2. Will DEF impose run-time limits?

The answer is NO. Cummins systems are equipped with both an internal DEF tank and a simple interface that quickly connects to external auxiliary tanks. This means that operators have the option to run for hours, days or weeks without having to stop and refill DEF tanks. With only 2 simple connections required to complete auxiliary tank setup, operators can achieve onsite power without encountering any DEF handling headaches all within a few short hours. Whatever your mobile application requirements are, Cummins and Benecor have made it easy to achieve Tier 4 Final Certification without compromising operational flexibility.

Benecor DEF Cubes & Stationary Power Skids

Benecor has designed a new product line specifically for the generated power industry. We offer fully transportable DEF Cubes that offer the ability to connect directly to Cummins generators, as well as a multitude of other genset manufacturers. These cubes feature a heavy duty powder coated steel frame construction and can travel full of DEF under DOT and UL regulations. Easily stack 2-high when full and 3-high when empty. Each cube can be outfitted with pumps, hoses, nozzles and more. Our DEF Cubes offer standby fueling solutions. 110% secondary containment capacity to meet global environmental regulations.

For customers in cold climates, our DEF cubes can be customized with an extreme cold weather package that features freeze protection down to -40°F / -40°C.

Benecor also offers DEF Stationary Power Skid Dispensers that are already in use with the top commercial and industrial diesel power supply brands in the market. Our insulated prime power solutions are built for reliability and durability in challenging warm and cold weather applications. The multi-purpose application can serve and your onsite DEF dispenser for your other Tier 4 equipment.

DEF Stationary Power Skids feature a 500 gallon tank or 275 / 330 gallon tote. Each tote is secured to structure for safe transportation. The system is powder coated for durability and can be insulated for warm or cold weather conditions.