DEF Stationary Power Skid Dispensers

BENECOR is proud to be the first to offer these expertly engineered, innovative solutions for dispensing DEF to your Prime Power Supply. When you choose a BENECOR Skid Enclosure With Stationary Power Integration you can be confident that your system has been tested down to the smallest detail.


Our BENECOR Stationary Power DEF Dispenser is already in use with the top commercial and industrial diesel power supply brands in the market.


Our insulated prime power solutions are built for reliability and durability in challenging warm and cold weather applications.


In addition to supplying DEF to your prime power unit, this original BENECOR design can serve a dual purpose by dispensing DEF to your on site equipment.


We can work with any OEM. If we don’t already have a design that integrates with your equipment our BENECOR experts will design, engineer & manufacture a solution to interface with your specific engine application.

  • Houses 500 Gallon Tank, 275 Gallon Tote Or 330 Gallon Tote
  • Powder Coated For Durability
  • Insulated For Warm & Cold Weather
  • Transport Easily & Safely
  • Industrial Fork Lift Pockets For Easy Lifting With Full 500 Gallon Tank, 275 Gallon Tote Or 330 Gallon Tote
  • Tote Secured To Structure For Safe Transport
  • Lockable Insulated Roller Shutter Door
  • Rear Access Door For Convenient Service Entry
  • OPTIONAL: Extreme Cold Weather Application Options: 110V Electric Heater, Diesel Fired Heater With 2.5 Gallon Tank Or Supply With Bulk Fuel Tank
  • OPTIONAL: Power Supply Options: 12V/24V, 110V, 208-230V
  • OPTIONAL: 25′ – 100′ Hose Reel Options
  • OPTIONAL: BENECOR DEF Pulse Flow Meter
  • OPTIONAL: Unlimited Feed Stocking


  • Dimensions: 87″ Wide x 92.84″ High x 56.25″ Deep



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