DEF Island Dispensers


Benecor Island DEF Dispenser delivers the ultimate in proven dependable outdoor diesel exhaust fluid dispensing. We offer an optional cold weather package designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions many of our customers experience.

  • DEF Dispensing System designed to fit on a standard fueling island
  • Rugged fiberglass-based unit ensures zero rust or on-island deterioration
  • Our turnkey installation design will have you dispensing DEF fast


Discounted Pricing Available for Resellers & Purchases of 3 or More
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Building your DEF Island Dispensing System is easy with our custom BENECOR Build & Buy tool. Just start with step 1 & we’ll walk you through the process, then simply place your order. Scroll up to see a visual of your customized DEF Island Pod.


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  • DEF Dispenser is pre-wired electrical components to meet UL-508 and CSA 22.2 Standards
  • Pre-piped for simple, fast and easy installation
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Built-in dispenser with 25′ Hannay hose reel assembly
  • Automatic nozzle with breakaway swivel

Note: Pump not included in any DEF dispensing system base package. Please select pump option for “upgrades” section.



An original BENECOR design, we specifically engineered our rugged system to withstand the challenging environment of the fleet and retail customer. Because DEF freezes at 12˚F (-11˚C), we offer a unique Cold Weather package designed to withstand even the harshest cold weather conditions many fleet and retail customers experience.

Our DEF Island Dispensers are designed to fit on a standard Fueling Island. Dimensions: 24” Wide x 69” High x 41” Deep.

Our DEF Island Dispensers are designed for simple use with other BENECOR and/or third party DEF Dispensing & Storage equipment.

Our rugged fiberglass based unit is fully tested to help ensure years of trouble-free use. Paired with the durable, high quality products you’ve come to expect from BENECOR, our DEF Island PDS are a smart solution built to suit the DEF dispensing and storage needs of the fleet and retail customer.

All BENECOR DEF Island Pods are equipped with a lockable side access service door.

All BENECOR DEF Island Dispensers meet the ISO 22241-3 & 4 standards for the dispensing and storage of DEF.


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