FuelPod Versatile 663 Gal

The BENECOR FuelPod Versatile 663 Gallon is designed for the safe and secure transporting and storage of various industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids worldwide.

Capacity: 663.07 Gallons | 2,510 Liters

  • Robust Steel in Steel Construction Ensures Security, 110% Weatherproof Bund Complies with Environmental Requirements for Fuel Storage
  • Pump, Nozzle, Hoses & Generator Feed & Return Connections Are All Housed Within Secure, Lockable Bund Compartment
  • Feed & Return Hoses Can Be Fed Through Openings Enabling Generator to Be Run While Connections Are Kept Secure in Compartment – Helps to Prevent Theft & Vandalism
  • Inspection Cover Providing Access to Inner Tank for Maintenance & Inspection
  • Fitted with Lifting Eyes & Forklift Access for Ease of Handling While Empty & Relocation of Tank
  • All Outlets Are Top Mounted Above Fuel Level Helping Prevent Weepage of Fuel
  • Optional Anti-Siphon Valve Available for Extra Environmental Protection
  • 3-Point Locking Mechanism for Additional Security
  • Cabinet Drip Tray Approximately 53 Gallons | 200 Liter Capacity with Galvanized H/D Tread Mesh
  • Bund Sensor to Detect Fluid in Bund
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Prime Fueling

The BENECOR FuelPod Versatile is the “go to” fueling solution across the construction, industrial and farming sectors and can be used for any number of direct fueling applications, including providing bulk fuel supply to farm machinery, construction equipment and critical power generators worldwide.


The BENECOR FuelPod Versatile has an innovative and flexible design allowing for quick refueling and deployment, making it perfect for an emergency situation.

Standby Fuel

The BENECOR FuelPod Versatile can be engaged as a secondary or standby bulk fuel source for farms, building sites and quarries as fuel can be securely stored in the FuelPod until required.

Maintenance & Environment

The BENECOR FuelPod Versatile is comprised of an innovative double wall tank design which comes with a removable flow forge spill tray floor. It is constructed with a raised pedestrian door to allow for seepage control and employs a man-way cover conveniently located on the rooftop to provide easy access for cleaning, maintenance and inspections.

Dispensing & Accessibility

The BENECOR FuelPod Versatile has an easily accessible camlock fill pipe connection point conveniently located just inside the pedestrian door. The Range also has an ingenious bracket system that houses 13.12 ft to 19.68 ft | 4 m to 6 m standard hose reels and dispensing nozzles with either analog or digital gauges. An optional 26.25 ft to 49.21 ft | 8 m to 15 m retractable hose is also available. Finally, the FuelPod Bunded Tanks can be conveniently adapted with a fuel management system.

Safety & Security

The BENECOR FuelPod Versatile Bunded Tank has a walk-in pedestrian door with a secure 3 point locking system, ensuring it is static and safe during fueling.


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